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Famous for its beautiful  Himalaya, untamed rivers, diversified geography and hidden but rich culture, Nepal also boasts the friendliest  population in the world! 

Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and a multi-lingual country. Travelling around Nepal will reveal different faces, a multitude of colors, cornucopia of language, ancient traditions, diverse customs and beliefs that build the unique Nepalese way of life. 

Beware – From the chill of the Himalaya to the scorching heat of the Terai, the flora and fauna of Nepal and ever smiling faces of the Nepalese are addictive. You’ll soon Be itching to return to Nepal – a habit for a life. 

Coming to Nepal to live for a few months can be a whirlwind experience that will stay with you forever, and no-where in Nepal can help you to ride the whirlwind like I.T.C. (Intercultural Training and Research Centre

From our beginning in 1992, Intercultural Training and Research Centre (I.T.C.) has been conducting language and cross cultural training programs for volunteers, expatriates, college students, researchers and many private individuals and College Semester Abroad Program in Nepal.